Optimised Health And Balanced Hormones 12-Month Program

Optimised Health & Balanced Hormones 12-Month Program


Who is this for?


This program is for women who are suffering from specific conditions connected with hormonal imbalances. Our program addresses:


Track 1: PMS and menstrual cramps

Track 2: Endometriosis

Track 3: Uterine fibroids

Track 4: PCOS

Track 5: Fertility

Track 6: Peri-menopause & menopause

Track 7: Burnout/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/General exhaustion


Hormones are chemical messengers that affect a woman’s life from when she is born until she dies. This is why it is so important for us women to take charge of our hormonal health and why hormones are a key component of this program. It’s time we spent time caring for our health better.


Yes, we are cyclic beings.

Yes, men and women are “wired” differently.

Yes, very often when we complain about pains and aches, we are told it’s all in our head.


What can you expect from participating in this program?

Feeling better than you’ve felt in years.

Saying au revoir to your belly bloat and saying bonjour to a flatter tummy.

Feeling calm, confident, and at peace with yourself, feeling a deep inner knowing that everything will be ok.

Boosting your natural energy supply without a coffee or sugar IV.

Having the power to let your stress melt away and gain control over your inner dictator.

Having a restful night of sleep and waiving goodbye to insomnia.

Slipping back into your tight dress or skinny jeans and rocking your confidence.

No longer having to pretend everything’s fine. Feeling held by the Universal principle of like attracts like.

Shedding that exhausted-by-3PM feeling and hitting the RESET button on your health.

Letting go of inner emotional turmoil that’s no longer serving you. Feeling liberated from your own patterns.

Ditching the toxins that cause excess weight and dropping a few kilos without dieting.

Finally feeling that you’re waived PMS and hormones-associated anxiety goodbye forever, with your mood swings and food cravings gone.

Saying good-bye to PMS and menstrual cramps.

At least, reducing the pain and symptoms from endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids. At best, getting rid of these conditions.

Finally knowing what to do to prepare your body for pregnancy, but also to optimise your fertility and chances to stay pregnant.

Reducing symptoms from peri-menopause and menopause.


What makes this program unique?

 This is the only 12-month program for hormonal balance that exists. 

It's been created to help you create new habits, and help you make sure that whatever comes in the way of this new lifestyle and compromises your chances of success is being addressed as part of the program, either through our group coaching calls or our individual calls. That's also why the program is 12 months.

If you've ever been on a diet before, or know someone who've been on a diet, you know that these can provide results as long as you're on them. Which we know is not sustainable. What is sustainable is a program that allows to change at a steady, yet not overwhelming, pace, and where you know you're supported when your reptile brain come back to you to tell you "are you sure all of this is necessary"?


We’ll deep dive into many different topics that affect hormonal balance. You’ll be given the tools you need to take charge of your health. Rather than giving the responsibility away, you’ll be empowered with knowledge and tools that allow you to know your body better.

Because it’s a lot more powerful when you understand yourself, and it takes time to do so, you’ll have full access to me during the duration of the program. As part of the group program, we’ll have 2 monthly calls where you can ask your questions in, and get my help so that you can keep on making progress.

When you invest into a 1-on-1 program, you’ll get more specific feedback and tools for your specific health condition, that will be adapted to where you’re at, how you’re feeling, the level of support you’re getting from your loved ones/community, and your lifestyle. We’re all different, so it’s good to be able to have someone who understands where you’re at, and gives you tools that fit for you. That’s what our sessions are for. We can also dig deeper into mindset, emotions, and the things that hold you back from achieving your best of health.

I’ve worked both as an employee in the corporate world, as well as now as an entrepreneur. I know life sometimes gets on the way of what we want to accomplish, and I’ve created this program so that you get the support you deserve and need.

My goal is that over the course of these 12 months you’re able, capable and willing to implement what we’ve talked about, so that your health keep on improving, and you can do all the things you want to, without fearing that your body will hold you back. I also wish that you share this new knowledge with your family and loved ones, so that you can empower your community as you’re empowering yourself too.




Week 1- Introduction Introducing The Optimised Health For Women’s Formula

Week 2 - Shift your mindset

Week 3 - Shift your mindset

Week 4 - Clarify your vision

Week 5 - Learn the tools apply new habits and take action - The root cause of hormonal imbalances and specific hormonal conditions

Week 6 - Understanding your menstrual cycle

Week 7 - Optimised sleep for hormonal health

Week 8 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 9 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 10 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Weeks 11- 14 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 11 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 12 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 13 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 14 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 15 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal healt

Week 16 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 17- 18 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 19 - 22 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 19 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 20 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 21 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 22 - Optimised nutrition practices for hormonal health

Week 23 - Optimised fitness practices

Week 24 - Optimised fitness practices

Week 25 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 26 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 27- 28 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 29 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 30 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 31 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 32- 34 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 35 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 36 - Optimised lifestyle practices

Week 37 - Dealing with your emotions

Week 38 - Dealing with your emotions

Week 39 - Dealing with your emotions

Week 40 - Dealing with your emotions

Week 41- 42 - Complimentary therapies

Week 43- 44 - Complimentary therapies

Week 45- 46 - Complimentary therapies

Week 47 - Complimentary therapies

Week 48 - Complimentary therapies

Assess Your Results And Course Correct - Bonus classes (added as needed and requested)


Audrey Sourroubille