Health Wellness Vault bundle

Taking charge of your health requires that you learn more about what you can do to help yourself. There's so much information out there! It can be so confusing. How about finding a place where all that information has been summarised for you and presented in a way that actually helps you take action? If you like the idea, then you'll like the Lotus Power Health Health & Wellness Vault.

As part of the Health & Wellness Vault, you're getting access to:


All the masterclasses I have created to date are included in the Health & Wellness Vault.

Online courses:

Wellness Wisdom for Women (price: 197 USD)
Reconnect with your female cycle (price: 27 USD)
Hormones reset spring program (price: 97 USD) and all other seasonal Hormones reset programs (price: 97 USD each)
Uterine fibroids support program (price: 197 USD)
Meal prep made easy (price: 47 USD)
Find your why (price: 10 USD)
Setting and achieving your goals (price: 10 USD)
Routine building (price: 10 USD)
Dismantling limiting beliefs (whether we’re aware of them or not, we all have them; by working on this, you get to experience a shift in confidence for when looking for your next job and/or when networking) (price: 10 USD)
Self-care for you (price: 10 USD)
Self-love challenge (price: 17 USD)


The dangers of candida (price: 17 USD)
How to protect your energy with boundaries (price: 47 USD)

Autohypnosis audios:

Autohypnosis for stress relief (price: 10 USD)
Autohypnosis for menstrual cramps (price: 10 USD)
Autohypnosis for uterine fibroids (price: 10 USD)

Total value for the Health & Wellness Vault is well over 3,000 USD right now, but you only pay 500 USD. And if you invest into a 1:1 coaching program, the Health & Wellness Vault is my gift to you! To discover more about the different programs and which one might suit best your needs, schedule your call here.

Monthly Access Vault AND Group Coaching $85.00

Yearly Access Vault ONLY $500.00

Get 2 months for free when you enroll with the yearly plan.

Yearly Access Vault AND Group Coaching $850.00

Get 2 months for free with the yearly plan


IVF Support Program

Synchronise your IVF preparation with your cycle

Pre-Egg Retrieval Phase

Hormones Reset Fall Program



7 Days Prep for Hormones Reset

Week 1 Detox

7 Day Transition

One week later

Wellness Wisdom for Women

Module 1 - Welcome Onboard

Module 2 - Goals Setting

Module 3 - Your Stress Management

Module 4 - The Powers Of The Female Cycle

Module 5 - Your Energy

Module 6 - Your Sleep

Module 7 - Your Beauty

Module 8 - Your Nutrition

Module 9 - Your Emotions

Module 10 - Next Steps

Beautify You Year End Celebrations

Nutrition For Beauty

Find your perfect style to celebrate

Q&A Call

Individualised Support (If Option Chosen)

Health Wellness Vault

Introduction To The Optimised Health Formula For Balanced Hormones

Step 1 Assess And Clarify Your Vision

Step 3 Learn The Tools

Life Audit Workbook

Life Audit Workbook

Hormonal Symptoms Assessment


Take The Assessment

What To Do Next

Reconnect With Your Female Cycle


The Reflective Phase

The Dynamic Phase

The Empathic Phase

The Creative Phase


Next Steps

Hormones Reset Spring Program


Hormones Reset Spring Program

Break Free From Candida

Candida Cleanse

eBook The dangers of candida

Fertility Support Program


Auto-hypnosis for menstrual cramps

Autohypnosis for menstrual cramps

Auto-hypnosis for uterine fibroids

Autohypnosis for uterine fibroids

Auto-hypnosis for Stress Relief

Auto-hypnosis for Stress Relief

Uterine Fibroids Support Program

Support program for uterine fibroids

Endometriosis Support Program

Self-Love Challenge

Self-love guide

How To Protect Your Energy With Boundaries

How To Protect Your Energy With Boundaries

Find your why

Welcome AND Discover Your Purpose Workbook

Find Your Why Online Course

Next Steps

Setting And Achieving Goals

Setting And Achieving Goals

Routine building

Routine building

Self-care for you

Self-care for you

Dismantling Your Limiting Beliefs

Dismantling Your Limiting Beliefs

Meal Preparation Made Easy

Meal Preparation Made Easy

Recipes for the whole year

Sugar Detox Challenge

Mindfulness For Everyday

Sleep your way to better health

About Sleep

The importance of sleep

Clean up your sleep hygiene

Other Better Sleep Strategies And Assignment



Overcome digestive challenges

Overcome digestive challenges

Combat auto-immune challenges naturally

Combat auto-immune challenges naturally

The eBook

Hormones Reset Summer Program


Hormones Reset Summer Program

Deconstruct Cravings

Wellness A Holistic Journey To Ultimate Wellbeing

Wellness A Holistic Journey To Ultimate Wellbeing



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